Solar Battery Charger For Your Cash Register - Closing Sales On The Go!


Over the years, we’ve seen the enhancements and innovations of point of sale systems.  It has greatly impact the business and has made the day to day operations efficient.  From bar code readers, monitor touch, displays, keyboards, money verifiers and many more, it has definitely provided both consumers and the businesses quick and convenient means of transacting business.  Another great innovation is the battery charger kits that allow you to close the sale on the go.  You can now bring your business anywhere you go.  It is the perfect tool to expand your business, why wait for your customers to come to your establishment, bring your goods to them.  With the invention of solar battery charger, you can bring and use any electronic cash register with you and keep track of all sales wherever you are.

The mini bag includes two solar panels that are compatible with Onda and Flea electronic cash registers’ models.  The cash register can only be used with solar energy and without being connected to the electricity network.  A perfect way to save you money when you use it in your establishment and a great way to reach those potential customers by bringing it with you as you sell your products and services outdoor.

The solar battery charger is a high autonomy and energy saving for devices always working, whether indoors or outdoors.  This kit includes photovoltaic that accumulates solar energy so you can use your device indoors.  So you get to save money and avoid paying high electric bills for the high energy consumed by the cash register when you are using it for transacting your business with your clients.  The energy accumulated by the device guarantees the reloading of the battery to ensure continuous use of your cash register during business hours.

Indeed these inventions have shown great potential for increasing business profit, and they are good for the environment too.