Solar Gadgets

As time goes on, technology has always seemed to grow more and more sophisticated. We went from telephones to cellular, from cable television to satellite, from DVD to Blu-ray. The list goes on and on. Such is the case now with the “idea of a tree” from Vietnamese designers mischer’traxler. This “idea” is a process of using the sun’s energy to make unique indoor and outdoor furniture. Solar rays (sunshine) are converted to mechanical energy and run the thread machine which makes the furniture.

The interesting thing here is that the finished product is unique every single time because the intensity of the sunlight affects the color of the thread. Also, the length of the sunlight affects how large or small the resulting product is, as well. For example, items made when the sun shines for fewer hours in the day are shorter than those made when the sun shines for more hours of the day. When the sun is bright, the thread is made dark and bold. When it is faint, the thread is made pale. This is only one of the many interesting new production processes powered specifically by solar technology.

That’s not the only advancement made in solar. Companies even now talk of solar powered cell phones, refrigerators, and even planes!  Yes, that’s right. We are now designing planes to run solely on the energy of the sun, and some have already accomplished international flights! Obviously, the benefits of this idea are phenomenal, as they could potentially save millions on fuel costs. To read more about this, click here.

As far as the solar powered phones go, several prototypes have already been introduced.  Some companies have tried to incorporate solar panels into the back cover of the phone, while others have tried to work those panels into the screen of the phone itself! Either way, your phone won’t die as long as the sun’s out. To read more about this idea, click here.

Solar powered fridges have been around for quite a while as well, but not in the form recently introduced by inventor Emily Cummins in 2010. Most solar powered fridges run off of the battery bank which is connected to the solar panels that supply the electricity. The idea behind Cummins’ fridge was a refrigerator that is powered only by the sun, requiring no electrical energy whatsoever! To read more about this click here.