Solar Crime on the Rise

With the increasing popularity in solar technology, it’s also become an increasing target for theft. When the worth of an object rises, the likelihood of theft also rises. The problem with solar theft is that it’s not something you can fix by just taking a martial arts class or self-defense seminar. Since most solar technology must be left outside, it is an easy target for theft. How, then, should you go about protecting property that must be left outside the house?

For starters, you could install an anti-theft security rail that locks all the panels together as a single array. This makes them very difficult to move given the size of each panel. Also, to further complicate matters for any would-be thief, the rail is installed with one-way screws. Another suggested step to take would be to install motion-sensitive lights to discourage thieves.

Yet solar equipment theft is not just on a small scale. Much of it actually occurs on a larger scale. Many corporations and businesses operating on solar power have been victims of theft in recent years. In July of 2011, about $300,000.00 worth of solar panels was stolen from a Gold Coast business, Target Electrical. A weather station also experienced difficulties due to solar theft. The problem is much greater for these corporations mostly because the investment is much greater.

As such, greater security measures must be taken to ensure the safety of all assets for these businesses. After all, this isn’t something like a television or an X-box. These solar panels are the power sources for many of these businesses. Without them, it is unlikely that they will be capable of functioning normally. That’s why property insurance is a must for companies that have invested in solar equipment.

It’s easier for us to take precautions against getting our valuables stolen as long as they remain inside the house. However, the fact remains that valuables outside the house must be protected from theft as well, as it seems  unlikely that theft will ever disappear from the world’s list of problems.