In order to reach out to more people and share the great benefits that people will get from using solar energy, this company is using primarily online media in connecting to other people and informing them of the options they can do to lower or completely eliminate their dependence on the conventional source of energy that damages our global environment.

This website is the key point of our media strategy in promoting and extolling the virtues of using alternative sources of energy. That is why aside from our products and services, we likewise features articles, news, feature pieces, and links to other helpful sources that further enhance a person’s awareness about solar power and how they can rack up significant savings in their energy consumptions.

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Our contact us page provides opportunities for us to connect to our visitors and for them to express their views, concerns, suggestions, and helpful insights. Through this means, we can make this site and our services better.

This website is also taking advantage of the extreme popularity of social networking in promoting the advantages of solar power. So we give opportunities to people to follow us in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other similar sites. These media are great in connecting quickly to a large number of people and very helpful in informing them about the overall concerns in the current state of the environment and how using solar energy is among the best and effective actions we can take in saving our planet.