Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Many people have switched to either gas or electric fireplaces to make their homes use more energy-efficient means of climate control than the traditional wood-burning fireplace. The public’s growing concern on the grave impact of carbon footprint to the environment compelled homeowners to seek more energy-efficient alternatives to the home appliances that are known to consume much energy. One of which is the fireplace.

The popularity and demand for energy-efficient wood burning fireplaces is growing. These fireplaces have vents that heats up air through an exterior vent, which minimizes heat loss and maximizes the fire power. The traditional fireplaces or stoves use real flame fireplaces that provide heat and warmth in indoor spaces. They are great for people who enjoy coming home, smelling the burning wood scent, or sitting in front of an open hearth real flame fireplace as the flames lick and flicker here and there. Wood burning fireplaces may take a few hours to warm up your living room, but once you get it working nicely, you may stop keeping it on fire.

Another energy-efficient design of fireplaces is the freestanding or mounted wood-burning stove. Compared to the traditional sto

ve, this stove need less energy to work. However, using it may require you to install some other energy-efficient temperature control add-ons like shields and air scoops, which will keep the warm air from escaping your room.

Today’s well designed wood stoves can hold a fire all night with modest effort. Another recommendation, especially for those who regularly uses their fireplaces, is the addition of fireplace inserts to an existing one. It makes a significant difference to typical fireplaces as it amplifies or extends the heating up capacities of traditional fireplaces by limiting the warm or hot air being sucked back into the chimney.

There are more options for energy-efficient fireplaces. Online sources like Real Flame Fireplaces offer tremendous convenience in choosing the most suitable type of fireplaces to install in your home. Whether you choose a wood burning stove or fireplace with vent, or fireplace inserts, online catalogs can be accessed 24/7 so can have all the time in the world to browse some great selections of fireplaces that you can afford and use to make your home more energy-efficient.

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