Careers in Noon Solar have already set records of rapid growth. From our small staff, we have grown into a larger community of professional solar citizens who are committed to delivering the latest technologies and top of the line equipment to both residential and commercial solar power generation.

Our team has been responsible for major milestones in the solar power industry. To continue challenging conventional thinking and ideas in providing cleaner and renewable solar power, we make sure that we maintain a highly efficient team of experts who fully understands that the company delivers world standard service and equipment for all.

Join our team and experience what it takes to become part of the continuing history of making eco-friendly solar energy available worldwide. Joining our team means helping your community take advantage of better and more economical energy sources. We train our employees to deliver the equipment and service we offer to the best of their knowledge and skills. Be proud of our products and services as you discover that we lead our own league of pioneers in providing solar power generators for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications.

Our company holds a team of:

Solar Operations Engineer
Solar Power Engineer
Solar and PV Installer
Solar Lab Technicians
Solar Field Technician
PV Fabrications and Testing Technician
Solar Power Project Manager

The Noon Solar Company offers equal opportunity to all applicants and employees. The company upholds equality and does not tolerate unlawful discrimination against any applicant or employee such as in race, age, religion, or sexual orientation. We provide equal opportunity for career growth.